Friday, August 18, 2006

Organizing your digital photos

"Inaccessibility" "Swimming in a sea of confusion" "Where to begin?" If these phrases sum up your reaction when you think about your digital photo collection, then you can join me and tons of others who find themselves in search of a simple way to get a handle on an ever growing collection of digital photos.

While my collection of roughly 5000 family photos is nothing compared to even the most modest professional photographer, I have to admit that for the most part my photos go virtually un-enjoyed due to the sheer number of them, and lack of a way to find the ones I want. Having a good structured folder system with dates, times, and event names is a good start, but in order to really be able dig into your photos you are going to need some serious muscle.

Enter PicaJet. Found while googling (like many other good things), PicaJet has been consuming my time over this past week, so that I think its time to write up a sales-pitch type review of it. It is growing pretty large and all encompassing so I am going to break it out into its own post which will hopefully be ready in the next day or two. In the meantime check out there site, and the screenshot below and make sure you check back for the full review shortly.

PicaJet Website
Full Review


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